Our Practice


Welcome to Andersonville Acupuncture Studio, the shared acupuncture space of Shelbi Bailor and Maria Mulcahy, located in the heart of Andersonville. We provide effective, meaningful treatments for our patients—tailored specifically to their health needs during each session.

Shelbi Bailor, MSOM, L.Ac


Shelbi has been practicing acupuncture since 2007. With more than a decade of experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of her patients. She specializes in women’s health and fertility—treating everything from unexplained infertility to menopause—but her expertise stretches beyond her female patients. No matter the health condition or area of concern, Shelbi always aims to identify the root of the problem and tailors her acupuncture treatments accordingly with herbal supplements, essential oils, and lifestyle recommendations. 

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Maria Mulcahy, MSOM, L.Ac


Maria has been treating patients since 2003. With a strong background in hospital-based acupuncture, she has developed a gentle, effective style that that addresses everything from minor aches and pains to more complex, chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders and the secondary effects of cancer treatments. From insomnia to fibromyalgia, Maria specializes in health concerns that are often hard to treat through conventional medicine on its own.

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At Andersonville Acupuncture Studio, our space is more than a practice, it is a trusted, nurturing environment for our patients to heal, regain balance and improve overall wellness. Our individualized, holistic treatments promote long-term vitality and can address a myriad of health conditions—from pain and stress to infertility and chronic illness.

Our experienced acupuncturists are always learning new techniques and incorporating complementary remedies into their treatments, including essential oils, herbs, and supplements. By combining traditional techniques with a modern approach to healing, our patients get the best of both worlds—and benefit from the ease and simplicity of our process.

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