Shelbi Bailor

Shelbi Bailor, MOSM, L.Ac, has been practicing acupuncture since 2007. With more than a decade of experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of her patients. She specializes in women’s health and fertility—treating everything from unexplained infertility to menopause—but her expertise stretches beyond her female patients. No matter the health condition or area of concern, Shelbi always aims to identify the root of the problem and tailors her acupuncture treatments accordingly with herbal supplements, essential oils, and lifestyle recommendations.

Shelbi has a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental medicine and a professional license in acupuncture. In the nearly four years she spent completing her Masters, Shelbi studied pathophysiology, anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, in addition to an entire system of medicine, herbs, acupuncture, and other modalities. She also has advanced training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Doula Training, prenatal massage therapy, years of continuing education to treat fertility patients (naturally and as they go through IUI and IVF cycles), and specialized training in using acupuncture during childbirth.

I know that Chinese Medicine can be a little mysterious and potentially scary if you have never tried it, so I want my patients to be at ease because acupuncture is really enjoyable. One of my favorite things about practicing acupuncture is that it works. I get to help people who are scared or discouraged about health problems come to the realization that healing is possible. I love the magic of people walking out of the office, happier and healthier than when they walked in. Oh! And meeting the babies, I really love meeting the babies.

When she isn’t busy with patients, you can find Shelbi playing Mom and chauffeur to her teenage daughter and pandering to her lovable pup, Mr. Beasley. She loves travelling, cooking, being near the ocean, and letting her mind escape into a good book.

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