Maria Mulcahy

Maria Mulcahy, MSOM, L.Ac, has been treating patients since 2003. With a strong background in hospital-based acupuncture, she has developed a gentle, effective style that that addresses everything from minor aches and pains to more complex, chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders and the secondary effects of cancer treatments. From insomnia to fibromyalgia, Maria specializes in health concerns that are often hard to treat through conventional medicine on its own.

In addition to having built a thriving private practice, Maria was the founding director of Whole Women, Whole Health, an integrative program at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago that provided acupuncture, oncology massage, and other holistic services to breast cancer survivors from 2004 - 2016. In 2012, she helped launch Community Acupuncture Chicago, an innovative acupuncture clinic at Mercy Hospital that targeted working-class and underserved patients who would otherwise not have been able to afford alternatives in health care.

Maria has a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and is both licensed in the state of Illinois and nationally certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Practicing both Chinese and Japanese styles of acupuncture, Maria has specialized training in the areas of women’s health, oncology, and immunology. She is certified in Advanced Oncology Acupuncture through the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

The core of my practice is not just about effectively treating the main complaint, but also addressing the root cause and overarching pattern that has led to that complaint. I like to tell patients that I’m working myself out of a job. My goal is to rebalance their functional systems to the point where healing starts to happen exponentially. After that, the expectation is that they’ll only need occasional treatments to maintain their body’s ability to heal itself. I love the detective work that comes with identifying where a patient’s emotional outlook and physical complaints intersect. It is the essence of holism.

When she isn’t working with patients, you can find Maria baking pies, swimming, or pursuing her passion for Argentine Tango.

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